Netgear Nighthawk R7800 : add USB camera support to create a security webcam

Posted on Wed 22 November 2017 in Article • Tagged with kernel, netgear, usb, v4l2

This article explains how to customize Nighthawk X4S firmware to add a security camera feature to this always-online & almost-always-idle device. Alternative firmwares like OpenWRT or LEDE exist, but they don't fully support all stock features yet. So instead this approach is based on modified stock firmware.

Netgear Nighthawk X4S Serious webcam

Main steps are:

  • Customize …

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SVE-2016-7930: Multiple buffer overflows in Samsung Galaxy bootloader

Posted on Sun 23 July 2017 in Advisory • Tagged with vulnerability, advisory, samsung, cellebrite, bootloader, exploit, firmware, security, usb, arm, odin


On October 21st 2015, mobile forensics company Cellebrite published a video that demonstrates how their solution can dump eMMC of Samsung Galaxy devices :

This video strongly suggests that Samsung Galaxy bootloader can be exploited to execute arbitrary code.


Several bugs in Samsung Galaxy bootloader allow an attacker with …

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