Exploitation of Philips Smart TV

Posted on Thu 13 November 2014 in Article • Tagged with mips, smarttv, libupnp, philips, exploit

This post is a translated summary of the article published for my talk at SSTIC 2014 conference (french).

My Philips Smart TV is a Linux box standing there in my living room : that's a sufficient reason to try to get root.

Debug serial port

Internet hackers have already discovered a …

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pflupg-tool : unpack Philips SmartTV firmware

Posted on Fri 16 May 2014 in Tool • Tagged with mips, smarttv, firmware, philips

pflupg-tool is an unpacking tool for Philips SmartTV firmware (Fusion platform). If your firmware is encrypted, you have to provide the corresponding public key (public exponent + modulus).

You can add public keys in pflupg.h file:

// { name, public exponent e (hex string), modulus n (hex string)}
static …

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